Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

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Intending to increase the quantity and quality of domestic products, Eqbal ceramic company started working in the field of producing, selling, and wholesale supplying and exporting of Cordirit Molaite and Alumina Molaite products as well as Fireproof insulation and Refractory bricks domestically and internationally for more than two decades. Customer service is one of the main programs and goals of our business and in doing so, we do our very best to provide customers with satisfaction and a good shopping experience so that a memorable picture of us is engraved in both minds and hearts of the customers..


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Fireproof insulation

Refractory bricks

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Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Cordirit Molaite-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Alumina Molaite-CustomAvailableFill in the Form

Product List

Product Name
Cordirit Molaite
Alumina Molaite
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Seyed Hadi HajiMiri