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Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy

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What is firebrick made out of?Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheap

Building materials can be obtained in different ways, but people who want a large volume of Alumina Insulation Firebrick are able to make their purchases using the major method. In this case, it will be possible to buy decorative refractory bricks at a reasonable price in Iran.

Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy

What is firebrick made out of?

What is firebrick made out of? Refractory brick is a type of brick that is produced from porcelain and refractory soils and has a dense and delicate molecular structure. And the method of production of this type of brick is that first it grinds the stones and then it turns into soft soil and after 3 days of baking in the oven at a temperature above 1500 degrees Celsius. As the name implies, this brick with its high thermal resistance is widely used in furnaces and pans and industrial insulation. Of course, the usual type is also used today in the brick facades of buildings.

Refractory brick is also a type of building material that is commonly used for facades of buildings and structures. Due to the new style of construction, refractory bricks are used as the facade of the building. The raw materials for making refractory bricks are refractory clay and in general this type of clay is found in the country’s mines because it has a high quality. 

The base materials of refractory bricks are very special mineral minerals and mineral shells that are refractory. That is, they have a high temperature resistance. Raw materials for the production of refractory bricks are called refractory materials, which are usually ceramic and other metal materials that can be stable at high temperatures. Refractory materials must be able to maintain the desired physical and chemical properties at high temperatures and operating conditions.

There are different types of refractory bricks, depending on the type of material used in their composition, they can withstand a wide range. Until the 1960s, carbon and refractory soil were used to cover kilns, but today they are used in the interior lining of kilns by making various types of refractory bricks.

Bricks that are made of siliceous soil are called silica bricks. Of course, siliceous soils are also called cortesite, whose constituents include very large amounts of silicon oxide, and the rest are calcium oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxide, which use pure quartz to make this compound. This type of refractory bricks is used for the inner lining of steel furnaces. Even silica refractory bricks are used in the production of glass, ceramics as well as coke ovens, because these types of bricks have a high thermal conductivity in impermeability to gases.

Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheap

Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheap Many manufacturers have made it possible for people to buy the products they need directly, as there will no longer be an intermediary, and prices will drop dramatically.

Bricks can be purchased in direct contact with manufacturers at the lowest prices. These products are more expensive if they have a high quality grade; Therefore, people who want quality types, must pay more to provide and buy.

Due to the high variety of construction materials in the country, many sellers list the selling prices of these products accurately to inform buyers. These prices fluctuate every day and buyers should be aware of their exact price before buying.

Usually, many sellers prefer to inform the buyers of the prices through online sites for the convenience of their work. Some of these sites also allow buyers to buy these products in person.

The daily price of refractory bricks in Isfahan wholesalers is determined based on various parameters. Usually the cost of products in the factory will be determined by the manufacturers; Because they are aware of all the costs of producing products. In the pricing process, all direct and indirect costs will be taken into account, which are also constantly changing. It is also possible to achieve the following through this

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