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Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy

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What is firebrick made out of?Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheap

Are you looking for Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy? or are you a beginner in the field of industrial materials ? here is a good guide for you. First question we must answer to you, what is the refractory brick ? where people use them? which industries need this brick?

Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy

What is firebrick made out of?

What is firebrick made out of?

A refractory brick is a brick that retains its mechanical properties at very high temperatures.

Refractory products are resistant, by nature, to high temperatures and are used for the construction and repair of wood-fired ovens, blast furnaces, metallurgical pockets, boilers, boiler rooms, burners, fireplaces, open fires, and ducts, walls peripherals of installations requiring heat preservation and resistance to high temperatures, possibly adjacent or not.


Alumina refractory brick is a type of insulating refractory brick which adopts alumina powder and alumina hollow ball as the main raw materials.

These raw materials, along with other binders, go through high temperature firing, which leads to the production of alumina bricks.

Alumina refractory brick is made by meltblowing in an electric furnace.

These bricks have excellent energy saving effect, have high temperature insulating properties, are lightweight and more.

Alumina refractory bricks have low thermal conductivity, and when in the form of a hollow sphere, thermal conductivity further reduces.

These properties and their volume stability make Alumina  Brick suitable for use in all kinds of atmospheres.


High purity alumina  bricks are specially designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures and demanding environments.


And with their high mechanical strength, their highest operating temperature is 1800 ℃ / 3270 ° F.


Alumina  refractory bricks are mainly used to insulate linings of kiln bricks and ceramic tiles in gas turbines, working linings in ceramic furnaces, induction furnaces in metallurgical industry, etc.


Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheap

Alumina Insulation Firebrick cheapThe first studies of refractory materials owed much to founders and specialists in the ceramic arts, in particular earthenware and porcelain manufacturers1. At the time of the conquering steel and the brick, culminating in 1880, the definition of the high temperature characterizes the refractory material, which resists to 1000 ° C. and after that people get familiar with this high-quality fire-resistant brick and use them in their industries.  Here we have a wide range of different grades of Alumina Insulation Firebrick to buy.


The daily price of refractory bricks from wholesalers is determined based on various parameters. Usually the cost of products in the factory will be determined by the manufacturers; Because they are aware of all the costs of producing products. In the pricing process, all direct and indirect costs will be taken into account, which are also constantly changing. It is also possible to achieve the following through this

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