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alumina mullite wholesale suppliers

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what is alumina mullite?alumina mullite suppliers at wholesale price

alumina mullite suppliers is the only company producing alumina in the country. This producer group is one of the few companies in the world that follows the process of its economic activity from mining to the production of aluminum metal. The company also mines bauxite in both Jajarm city and 4 provinces of the country. After the mining process, the bauxite extracted in the factories is converted to alumina, and part of this alumina is converted to aluminum metal in the aluminum factory, which was set up in our company at the beginning of 2009.

alumina mullite wholesale suppliers

what is alumina mullite?

what is alumina mullite? As we all know, mullite ceramic are obtained by chemical use of bauxite raw materials to remove silicon oxide, iron, titanium, etc. Ceramic alumina raw materials are of high purity and the Al2O3 content is generally more than 95%.

So what is the role of alumina ceramics?

  • 1. Absorption of hydrocarbons:

Under the right conditions, the particle size and chemical distribution of the alumina surface helps to absorb impurities in the hydrocarbons. Many rubber, PS, ABS and TPE manufacturers now use drying alumina to absorb the TBC inhibitor.

  • 2. Circulation process flow separation and purification:

mullite refractory have excellent adsorption properties for highly polar compounds such as water and ethanol. At the same time, it can absorb TBC in hydrocarbons as well as heavy metals.

  • 3. Removal of acidic impurities:

Removes acid from used transformer oils, lubricants and refrigerants. Activated alumina ceramics remove acidic materials produced during use. In the production of chlorine and fluoride hydrocarbons, excess halides and water can be removed, which is not necessary to eat the product.

In summary, it can be concluded that alumina ceramics are difficult to dissolve in water, solid white, odorless, odorless, very hard, easy to absorb moisture without moisture (non-hygroscopic burning). Amphoteric oxide, soluble in mineral acids and alkaline solution, almost insoluble in water and non-polar organic solvents; Relative density (d204) 4.0; Melting point about 2000%.

alumina mullite suppliers at wholesale price

alumina mullite suppliers at wholesale priceَAlumina mullite has several industrial usages. We can mention some of them for you to know where to use these high-quality bricks. This type of brick, due to its high degree of melting, is used in incinerators, ladles, rotary kilns, metal kilns, cement kilns, and lime kilns.

According to estimates, last year Alumina Company was able to produce 233,000 tons of alumina, of which about 200,000 tons were used to produce aluminum ingots in the country. The remaining 33,000 tons were consumed either as intermediate hydrate products or as alumina in other industries, mainly detergents. Of course, some industries, such as refractories, also used the capacity produced by alumina last year.

On the other hand, last year we were able to produce 10,000 tons of aluminum. This year, we plan to produce 30,000 tons to experience a significant leap in this sector compared to last year. In the mining sector, despite the problems that have arisen in the mine due to environmental issues, we have been able to take important measures; But despite alumina being barred from operating the mine, the company has succeeded. Last year, it produced 233,000 tons of alumina. According to forecasts, 245,000 tons of alumina were to be produced in 2009, of which 233,000 tons were achieved, and the main reason for not achieving the set goal is the restrictions created in the mine. For this reason, last year we created infrastructure in factories, which caused the alumina produced by this company to experience a 6% increase compared to last year so far (the first two months of the year). We hope to increase our production to 245,000 tons by creating infrastructure; It also has no stone quarry. But if the mine goes into orbit this year, we can undoubtedly break the alumina plant’s production record of the last 20 years; Because we can produce up to 255,000 tons of alumina. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the production of alumina is different from the production process of other industries, and even for a thousand tons of alumina production, its infrastructure must be provided.

To start this activity, the laboratory and pilot phase has been done and now we are in the industrial phase in which more than 30% progress has been achieved. Therefore, we hope to be able to produce and localize this special product for the country by the end of the year; Because annually between 15,000 and 20,000 tons of special hydrates are imported to Iran from other countries, which are used as burners in polyethylene pipes and power cables, and the production of this product is our serious plan for 1399.

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